About me

I’m a freelance web developer from Portsmouth

I’m Jo Loveridge (formally Eyre) and I’m based in Portsmouth/Southsea in the UK which has a fantastic creative scene. I’m a huge advocate for freelance / home working life, and absolutely love being involved in my local creative community - so much so I set up Portsmouth Freelancers Meet. In 2020 I won the Sweet FA Freelancer of the Year award for my project Supportsmouth.

Where it all began

My passion for building websites was sparked when I discovered Geocities back in 2001 (yes, I'm that old).

Once I found there was more to life than gifs of twinkling stars and spinning welcome signs, I moved onto MS FrontPage where I started building websites using tables. My first success was a popular fan website dedicated to the TV show Bottom, which had people from around the world submitting their own content, something I was very proud of as a 16 year old.

Starting my own company

I went to University and left with a degree in film production and media studies, but never stopped building websites. After University I set up my company Starboard Media Ltd which did both film work and development. I had my first ever office at Port 57 (featured right) and I spent a lot of time filming some amazing conferencs and events for companies like Microsoft and Re:develop. After few years of trying to do both film & web, I eventually found my focus as a front end developer.

Since then I've been freelancing almost exclusively for agencies, but I also do take on individual clients and full website projects from time to time. I consider myself a front-end/designer mix which to me is a great combination for knowing UX and accessibility and understanding the fundamentals of a good website.

Not just a coder

Whilst I do enjoy life working from home, I also like to get out a lot and see some friendly faces. So in 2010 I started a monthly networking group called Portsmouth Freelancers Meet to encourage other home-workers to do the same. I've also successfully run 5 PubHack events, which is my own brand of hackathon set in a pub.

Outside of work

In 2017 I started a fitness journey which has lead me to a love for weight-lifting, long distance running and healthy cooking.

I have three cats (Joel, Charlie and Lyra) who like to 'help' around the office, and are the subject of most of my social media photographs.

A passion for travel

I'm also an avid traveller - me and my husband try to visit as many new places as possible.

Since we met in 2017 we’ve travelled to 15 different countries and we don’t intend to stop there! You can read all about my travels in my blog.

Hire me.

I am currently available to take on new projects! You can get in touch via email or phone.

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