How I work.

What's important to me.

It can be stressful handing over your beautiful designs to a developer you’ve never worked with before, but these are some of the things I put first and foremost.

Accessibility first.

It’s important that your website is accessible to everyone. I can offer advice and guidance during the design process about how to make sure the site is as accessible as possible, without compromising your design.

Delivering on time, and on budget.

Your project will be in good hands - I try to never over-book myself so I can give each client and project the focus it deserves.

Good communication.

I pride myself on being quick to respond to queries, and ensuring that deliverables and expectations are clear from the beginning. I’m always transparent about the process and what is possible. It’s why so many agencies have continued to work with me for many years.

Clean, documented code.

As someone who works on a lot of existing projects, I know how important it is to have well documented code. I try to make the handover process as easy as possible for future developers.

My set up.

I work with a lot with different agencies, most of which have their own way of working, so I can be flexible on how things are done.

When left to my own devices, this is my preferred set up:

  • HTML, CSS & jQuery
  • Gulp
  • BEM & ITCSS methodologies
  • Custom responsive code
  • WordPress using either ACF Flexible Content, or Gutenberg + ACF
  • Figma for design & prototyping
  • GitHub for version control
  • Clickup and Slack for project management and communication

How I work.

Build a styleguide

I build projects using re-usable components where possible, whether that’s something as small as a button, or an entire section that might be re-usable around the site (such as a call to action).

With this in mind, I find it extremely helpful to everyone working on the project to have a styleguide page with all those components ready to re-use.

Always version control

There's nothing more frustrating than losing a bunch of code, or even worse, an entire project. When using git for version control there will always be a version of the code, safe and sound. I make sure my commits are well documented, explaining 'why' as well as 'what' I've done.

Project management

I'm well versed in all types of project management systems, each company likes to use their own. If one isn't available I use Clickup to manage projects, and can invite relevant people into the project for true transparency and to easily create tasks.

Browser / device testing

My websites are tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. I also test down to iPhone SE size (375px wide). Older browsers such as IE11 are by request.

HTML Emails are thoroughly tested using Litmus in most of the weird and wonderful email clients - the more obscure ones can be requested.

Working with me.

Rates & Billing

I can bill either on a daily/half daily, or fixed price basis. For ongoing maintenance / updates I can bill hourly. I'm pretty flexible about that! Invoices must be paid within 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

To find out about my current rates, please get in touch

Legal stuff

I require a 50% deposit up front before starting any project, and the rest upon completion of my work.

I also have a simple freelance contract that includes the project specification so that everyone involved is clear on the deliverables.

Remote working

I'm currently only available for remote roles/contracts/projects. I am more than happy to travel to offices for kick off meetings/catch ups but the majority of my work will be completed remotely.

Hire me.

I am currently available to take on new projects! You can get in touch via email or phone.

+44 (0)7788 563 938 Email Me