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Why I’ve joined IPSE

I’ve been aware of IPSE for a while now, and I’ve finally taken the plunge to become a fully fledged member.

Without wanting to sound like a salesperson, because I’m not, the older you get the more aware you get of things potentially going wrong, especially illnesses and injuries (like the other day, when I hurt my back simply looking into a drawer). So for me, it’s just a bit of piece of mind and I like to look out for my fellow freelancers!

These are the main reasons I signed up:

  • They provide financial cover for illness & injury, jury service cover, and 24 hour tax & legal helplines.
  • Access to premium contracts, finance and document templates.
  • Connects me with other freelancers as well as access to exclusive events, such as webinars.

They also do a lot of lobbying on our behalf – most recently they’ve been very involved in the IR35 reforms. There’s lot’s more benefits so take a look at their website for the full list of benefits

Use my referral link

If you want to become a member too, you can use my referral link which gives you £50 off your membership, as well as a nice little gift voucher for me 🙏

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