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Complete Accommodation

My Role.

UX Designer, Web Designer & Developer.

My Skills.

  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • Web Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS / jQuery
  • WordPress


  • Chris - Backend Developer.
  • Jackson Willis - Front-end Developer.
  • Christian Scanlan - SEO Consultant.

About this project

Complete Accommodation is one of the projects I’m most proud of. I’m a big traveller – I spend a lot of time window shopping on holiday home websites, so I was extremely excited to get to work on this! They were formally called Complete Holiday Homes, and came to me back in 2020 with their new brand; Complete Accommodation. They wanted to redesign and build the website with the new brand in mind. The reasoning behind the move was because they wanted not just to focus on holiday lettings, but to include a bigger focus on serviced accommodation; which was their sole business during the pandemic.

For this project I conducted interviews with several different types of travellers – dog owners, families, couples, solo travellers and business people. From that I produced user personas, as well as user stories that informed the content and structure of the website. Once we had a set of requirements, I then went on to produce the wireframes and design, and then moved onto the build. The previous website was built using WordPress so it made sense to continue with that as the client was very familiar.

Because their name and brand had changed, I also included an SEO specialist as part of the team so we could ensure they retained their google rankings and so that customers wouldn’t get lost trying to find the new site.

Complete Accommodation are already expanding and adding more properties, as well as taking bookings way into next year. I receive regular updates from the client about the success of the new site, as well as continually adding new features and tweaking the user experience. It was an absolute pleasure working with the staff at Complete, and I’m very proud to feel a part of their team!

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